Medical parts

Specialized medical parts
Excellent medical staffs who are very experienced do their best like one of your family through systematic and subdivided treatment

Obstetrics and Gynecology

fetus care and postpartum care (separated family delivery room)
- Leboyer Birth, Gentle Birth
counseling birth control, laparoscopic specialized surgery center

Internal medicine

gastroscope and colonoscopy clinic
general internal medicine (flu, liver, osteoporosis, high blood pressure)
endocrine (diabetes, thyroid, hyperlipidemia)


breast benign tumor, breast infection, breast cancer
thyroid benign tumor, thyroid infection, thyroid cancer
early diagnosis for breast/thyroid cancer and surgery


diagnosis for breast cancer, thyroid cancer, abdomen cancer, lung cancer
genitourinary system, scanning fetus, test of tripple screen
ultrasonic wave(thyroid/breast/abdomen/pelvis, etc,)


painless childbirth, pain control, general anesthesia
General Check-up Center
male check-up/ female check-up/ climacteric check-up
cancer examination/ check-up before pregnancy/ baby and child check-up


general pediatrics diseases(vaccination)
allergy, respiratory disease
height growing
young children atopy/height