Specialized Centers

Specialized Centers
For patients' convenience and health promotion, we have specialized centers on parts.

Celioscope surgery specialized center

various ovarian tumor and myoma, hysterocele, urinary incontinence, vaginoplasty, etc.

Climacteric specialized center

Sterility clinic

Old age pregnancy clinic

Gastroscope and colonoscopy clinic

Breast and thyroid clinic

breast :
· breast ultrasonic wave and biopsy
· breast infection · benign tumor diagnosis and treatment
· exeresis and mammotome, breast cancer diagnosis and surgery

thyroid :
· benign tumor, ultrasonic wave examination on thyroid cancer
· treatment and surgery
· curing thyroid dysfunction and thyroid infection

General check-up center

· male/female general check-up
· menopausal check-up(after menopause)
· cancer examination(stomach. colon. liver and bowels. womb, breast)
· general check-up before pregnancy
· baby and child check-up